Airframes and Systems (JAR Ref 021 01)


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Airframes & Systems, Electrics, Powerplant, and Emergency Equipment (ASEPE) - Aeroplanes, subject 021, covers a broad swathe of information that is examined in one paper. To make this information manageable, the 021 subject is broken down into three volumes; these are Airframes & Systems [which incorporates Emergency Equipment], Electrics, and Powerplant. Airframes & Systems provides a good grounding in the technical aspects of an aircraft's structure and systems, detailing, for examination purposes where required, the regulations that the student has to know and the methods by which these requirements are met. As with other subjects, there will always be areas that the student has studied that are not questioned in the exam. Learning this information is not a wasted effort, as the information given within the volume provides the foundation knowledge on which the type rating course can be built.

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