Instrumentation (JAR Ref 022)


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One of the fundamental aspects of aircraft cockpit design is how to present flight and navigation data to the crew. The presentation of any information can be in analogue, digital, or electronic form, but in all cases it is up to the crew to interpret and act on the information given. This same data can be supplied to automatic flight control systems, relieving the pilot of hand flying the aircraft, but bringing with it the obligation to monitor what the aircraft is doing. This task can be particularly onerous because the pilot is effectively out of the loop and the aircraft performs with flawless regularity. The pilot however, must always be alert and ready to take control of the aeroplane. For all these reasons, the pilot must have a thorough understanding of aircraft instrumentation and automatic flight control systems. This volume provides an in-depth knowledge of the operating principles behind, and the value of, all the most common aircraft instrumentation systems.

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