ASA Diamond Katana DA20


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Each Pilot's Guide is a comprehensive book on the fundamentals of flying the airplane. Subjects covered in detail include an overall description of the aircraft, limitations, handling characteristics, and loading/performance data. All of the information is gleaned from flying experiences by experts in the industry, and is presented in an easy-to-read format. Pilots will find each guide in the series an invaluable companion to the aircraft's Flight Manual, and an excellent sourcebook for the aircraft's principal characteristics.

Author: Ed Helmick

Covers Diamond Katana Models DA20-A1 and DA20-C1.

  • Section 1: General Description
  • Section 2: Limitations
  • Section 3: Handling the Katana DA20
  • Section 4: Mixture and Carburetor Icing Supplement
  • Section 5: Katana DA20 Checklists
  • Section 6: Katana DA20 Loading and Performance
  • Section 7: Conversions
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