ASA Making Perfect Landings in Light Airplanes


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Many pilots resign themselves to imperfect landings merely because they are unaware of the simple fact that even the pros must work at each landing. This book shows pilots how to develop a keen sense of awareness in each of the three stages of landing and to convert that awareness into perfect landings.

Author: Ron Fowler, 130 pages

  • 1. Basic Considerations of a Normal Landing
  • 2. Crosswind Procedures
  • 3. Short-Field Operations
  • 4. Soft-Field Operations
  • 5. Night Landing Procedures
  • 6. Emergency Landings
  • 7. Critical Landing Situations
  • 8. Slip to a Landing
  • 9. Landing Tailwheel Airplanes
  • 10. Cardinal Rules for Perfect Landings
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