Flightcom Headset Venture V30SP

Passive Fixed-Wing Headset

  • Black domes
  • Comfortable ventilated head pad
  • Black headband
  • Precision flex boom
  • PVC open cell foam ear seals

CHF 149.00

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The Venture V30SP passive stereo headset combines affordable quality, durability, and features for new pilots and passengers young and old. The 17 ounce weight, open-cell foam PVC ear seals, ventilated foam-rubber head pad, and shallow speaker design deliver adaptable fit. The 24dB passive NRR enables clear communication. A stereo/mono switch and single volume control optimize hearing. The powder-coated black headband matches natural black ear domes.

  • Black domes
  • Comfortable ventilated head pad
  • Black headband
  • Precision flex boom
  • PVC open cell foam ear seals

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